• Country: Serbia
  • Province: Vojvodina
  • District: South Bačka
  • Population: 420.000
  • Population density: 1.971 st./km²
  • Coordinates: 45°15'18"N 19°50'41"E
  • Time zone: CET (UTC+1), Summer CEST (UTC+2)
  • Area: 129,4 km²

    Geographic location

    Novi Sad is a town on the river Danube, located in the middle of the Vojvodinian part of Panonian plain and is the second largest city in Serbia. It is located between the 19th and 20th degree of the eastern longitude and the 45th and 46th degree of the northern latitude, on 72 to 80m of altitude.

    Novi Sad is located on the international road, which connects Budapest and Vienna, Thessalonica, Athens, Bucharest and Istanbul The highway E-72 (Budapest-Belgrade-Nis) passes alongside Novi Sad while the highway E-70 (Zagreb-Belgrade) is in the close vicinity. The average distance between Novi Sad and the neighbouring countries (Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina) is 80 km while the nearest airport in Belgrade is 70 km away. The advantage of this town lies in its geo-strategic location.

    Novi Sad is on the water road Rain-Main-Danube that connects nine countries and six capitals of Europe, and which is 588 km long in our country.

    Novi Sad is also famous for its attractive picnic grounds in the surroundings of the town, around the banks of the river or on Fruska Gora.   

    Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad

    Time zone

    GMT + 1h


    Climate in the area of Novi Sad is moderate-continental. The town is located on 70-80m altitude.

    Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad


    The average annual temperature in the town is 10,9 C. In winter, the average temperature is 1 C The average annual temperature in the town is 10,9 C. In winter, the average temperature is 1 C and in July it is 21,6 C. Temperature extremes range from 30,7 C (24th January 1963) and +41,5 C (6th July 1950).


    Annual rainfall is 686 mm, and there are 122 rainy days. The lowest watermark in the Danube is 70,83 m and the highest is 79,70 m altitude. The highest marked water level is +778 cm, and the lowest is -134 cm.

    Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad


    Novi Sad has about 400.000 inhabitants. Novi Sad is a multi-ethnic place (Serbs, Hungarians, Montenegrins, Slovaks, Romanians, Croats, Hebrews, Romany people and others) where national communities are equally presented in the political, public and cultural life.


    Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet are officially used in the town. Hungarian, Slovakian and Ruthanian languages and their alphabets are also officially used according to the law and the specific decision of the towns Assembly.

    Novi Sad Novi Sad Novi Sad